The Moore the Merrier

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This week ColbyKnox offers another gem from our backlog!!! This is the last one we have of the sexy, blond bombshell Robin Moore. The hot porn angel fits right in with Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox; he’s always willing to go full sub and lets them steer the scene until everyone busts a nut!!! It should surprise no one that Colby and Mickey are focused on Robin's plump, gorgeous ass. However, they manage to get a few blowjobs in for good measure :-) The tan-lines on all of the boys are especially mouth watering as we watch the three of them push each other to gushing climaxes. You gotta love how Robin Moore's sexy, and shaggy, locks dangle in front of his face as he gets pounded from behind. The cutie does a fair share of getting pounded from behind in this one!!! Our favorite part of this video is the three high stack fuck, making a tasty Mickey Knox sandwich. What a view!!!! Enjoy!!!


Hot Blond College Boy Butt Gets Passed Around

If a gay top reviewed photos of every US male college student to pick out one to top, Robin would have to be one of the selections with his beautiful body, beautiful blond hair all over, beautiful butt and his beautiful bottoming. Robin was the pass around bottom in this hot scene with Colby and Mickey, taking both cocks up his beautiful college boy butt. This appears to be an older cam show not previously released on the website. Hot how Colby shot his load into his condom while in Robin's ass and then held the condom in the air for us to see the copious load. Would have been ever hotter without the condom for Colby to shoot inside of the boy butt and for us to watch his big load of cum slowly seep out!