Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are Colby and Mickey?

    Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox are two porn enthusiasts and webcam models turned gay porn stars. Taking the gay porn and adult entertainment industry to the next level, they founded and With little more than a DSLR camera and a strive for excellence in every aspect of production, the duo has successfully created a new genre of gay porn.

    From the treatment of their models to coming up with new and different concepts for scenes, Colby and Mickey produce new videos every week where fans from all over the world look forward to fresh, sexy content on a regular basis.

    Want to learn more about Colby Knox and Mickey Chambers? Visit their model pages by visiting the links below:

    About Colby Chambers

    About Mickey Knox

  • I’ve forgotten my password.

    If you’ve forgotten your password, please go to the following link to retrieve your account information: Click here to retrieve your account password.

  • What is Tipping?

    A tip is a way for you to express gratitude to one of our models. In short, if you appreciate the hard work they put into making your favorite film or a thrilling scene, a gift in the form of a tip from you to our models is always appreciated and never overlooked.

    Most of our models are broke college students trying to make extra money to pay their way through college. While tipping is not a requirement or part of your membership with Colby Knox, our models greatly appreciate your tips and often show their gratitude.

  • What are the Benefits of Tipping?

    A tip is a good way to show love for your favorite scene or put some money in your favorite models pocket. 

    Other benefits to tipping also include a free month’s membership (on qualified credit packages) 

  • If I Tip a Video, Who Gets it?

    If you tip on one of your favorite videos that have multiple models, the tip is divided amongst both the studio as well as each of the models in the scene. It’s a great way to show an overall appreciation to the hard work everyone put into make your favorite gay porn erodica film.

  • What Kind of Stuff Can We Expect for the Future?

    Colby Knox has no intentions of settling into any one gay porn genre, specific scene type, or other classification of film production. Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox, the head producers and founders of, enjoy a wide range of gay porn erodica.

    You can fully expect a range of surprising, hot new content every week. Whether it’s breaking in an amateurs first time, a live web-cam show, or putting together a full-on plot based fantasy with your favorite super hero, Mickey and Colby have an appreciation for it.

  • Is Colby Knox an All Safe Studio?

    The owners of Colby Knox value the safety of each and every one of our models. Any bareback content appearing on the site is done only after all models have been asked individually if it is there preference to do bareback work. We offer no financial incentive to models to do bareback, it is just a preference amongst those filming. Of course, and as always, all models are tested prior to filming for full panel of STDs and do not film until cleared.

  • Can I Become a Model for Colby Knox?

    Have you ever considered modeling in the gay porn adult entertainment industry? Do you have an appreciation for working in a professional, fun, and safe work environment? Apply to become a gay porn model for Colby Knox! For more information, simply click the link below:

    Become a Colby Knox Gay Porn Model

  • Do My Model Credits on Work the Same On

    While and are closely affiliated with each other, credits purchased on each of these websites are completely separate from one another. If you have a set budget per month to spend on model credits, we recommending either

    Not a member of Membership is short, simple, and free. Join today and receive your first 120 model credits on us! Simply click the link below:

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  • I'm Having Billing Trouble With My Account.


    Ouch, we hate billing problems just as much as you do! Good thing it’s easy and quick to fix. Please visit our Contact Us page and we will be more than happy to get everything back in order so you can enjoy more of our shows!

  • How do I cancel my account?

    While the team at Colby Knox love making unadulterated gay porn, our entire purpose is revolved around customer satisfaction. If you are having any issues or would like to make a request before cancelling your Colby Knox account, please send us your feedback by filling out the contact form on our Contact Us page.

    However, if you’re 100% certain you would like to cancel your membership, we’re not going to be that clingy boyfriend who won’t let you go. Simply login to your account dashboard, click on the link under the header Subscriptions to “Cancel Membership” and follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your Colby Knox membership.