Show Us Your Hole Jesse Stone! -BAREBACK-



ColbyKnox starts 2024 (Happy New Year’s, you all!) with a webcam video starring Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox, and Jesse Stone. The naked studs sit on a sofa; the husbands are on either side of Jesse, kissing his flexed biceps. “Those arms,” Colby says. “More flexing. Make them harder.” Colby and Jesse have a “hole off,” showing their backsides to the audience. Soon it’s time for the “worship Mickey” portion of the video. He gets on his knees. Between his man and Jesse. He and Mickey smooch. Colby sniffs his boo’s armpit. Jesse leans down, swallowing Mickey’s beef. He stands up, showing his hole to the camera. Jesse smacks the cheeks, causing them to jiggle. An audience member wants Jesse to pick someone to get spanked. He chooses Colby. “Why is it me,” Colby wonders. “Because,” Jesse replies. “What the fuck,” Colby exclaims. “I don’t want to get spanked.” He submits to his “fate,” pointing his tender cheeks toward the camera. “Have to warm my hands up,” Mickey jokes, rubbing his hands together. Jesse administers minor blows. “Not too hard,” Colby insists. “I arrange your flights.” :-) Mickey also adds some whacks. There are a few handprints on Colby’s cake. Mickey kisses both cheeks. “You feel better,” he asks. “So much better,” Colby retorts. The “happy couple", as Jesse calls the husbands, make out. It’s time for Jesse to be spanked. That’s what the audience wants. :-) “Kindly present your big, plump, alabaster butt cheeks,” Colby demands. “And husband and I will beat them.” Jesse shakes his “big, plump, alabaster” booty before bending over. It doesn’t take long for Jesse’s cheeks to be red. Mickey is next. “It’s your turn for the abuse,” Colby jokes. Mickey’s backside is smacked a few times. He goes off screen for a bathroom break. This gives Jesse an opportunity to suck Colby’s cock. When Mickey returns he has a plan. He separates his man and Jesse. Then he kneels in front of them, stroking their staffs. As he jerks his man off, Mickey sucks Jesse’s johnson. He pulls away from Jesse to offer his warm mouth to Colby’s rod. Micky’s tongue magic alternates between the two. “Can I sit on it,” Mickey asks Jesse. He agrees to the proposition; Mickey straddles him, guiding the raw meat into his hole. “Damn that cock feels so good,” Mickey groans, grinding his ass on Jesse’s thick thighs. Mickey pulls his hole away so he can return to jerking Jesse off. Colby, who has been in control of the camera, comes back to the couch, placing his shaft under his husband’s nose. He gently fucks his man’s mouth. Mickey gets on his hands and knees, giving Jesse a chance to tap his tail from behind. “Fuck,” Mickey whimpers. “That is so much dick.” Mickey’s openings are full to the brims. “Fuck him right on my cock,” Colby suggests to Jesse. “His dick feel good,” Colby wonders. Mickey groans in the affirmative and is awarded a passionate kiss. It’s Colby’s turn to get some of his boo’s booty; Mickey pulls his legs to his chest. His man lubes up, and slides his wood inside. “That fucking feels so good,” Mickey declares. The boys change positions so Mickey can suck off Jesse and be fucked by Colby. “You like fucking my husband with me,” Colby wonders as he re-enters Mickey’s hole. Mickey’s toes curl as Colby deep dicks to the balls. Jesse gets another round with Mickey’s hole. “Ram his little ass,” Colby suggests, stroking his dick while sitting on the sofa’s arm. Mickey flips on his stomach and Colby gets a chance to pound. “Fucking come right in my hole,” Mickey pleads. How can a husband not honor that appeal? :-) Colby shoots a prodigious load in Mickey’s guts, flooding his insides. “I’ve been wrecked,” Mickey whispers, showing the cum dripping out of his sweet ass. “Absolutely wrecked. I’ve got to come before we log off. Or I’ll be hard as fuck all night.” He sits down, stroking his tool. Jesse shows off his pink hole to Mickey. “You’re so cute when you’re about to come,” Jesse observes. Mickey busts a nut; the first stream of man milk lands on his shoulder. Jesse stands over Mickey, putting his ass in his face. “I’m covered in cum,” Mickey notes. “You guys wrecked me.” Jesse leans down for a kiss as the show ends.


Love seeing Jesse. Would love to see him in a gang bang.

Hot hot hot next time dp jesse

Jesse is one of my favorite models. If he is showing hole, why isn't he getting fucked. He is kind of like Mickey a great bottom. Keep posting Jesse videos

How do I miss these shows? This was a great sexual game with the three hot guys and an unfettered passion. Mikey is the most free-spirited guy I know. He is so comfortable not only naked but fucking, sucking and getting sucked. Jessie is a major contrast to our southern boys in that is so pale against their North Carolina tans. Man milk goes everywhere. Love the live shows.

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You are the best as always! I look at you even OF and CB!


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