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Colby Chambers was out riding down the road when he spots his old high school friend Parker Michaels jogging. He couldn’t help but notice his sexy tight ass in those running shorts and Parker looked pretty tired, so Colby pulls over and asks him if he wants a ride. Parker is exhausted from the long run and hops in the truck and the two catch up a bit before Colby takes notice of just how sexy this stud is looking all sweaty in his workout clothes. In what can only be described as a game of gay chicken, the small talk gets serious when then two end up pulling off the highway and down a dirt road. Alone in the woods, the two end up in the back of the truck making out and groping each other’s hard body. Colby coaxes Parker off the truck where he eases up behind him caressing his ass checks through the running shorts. Colby soon has Parker bent over eating his sweaty ass. Getting increasingly turned on by the action, Parker pulls his ass cheeks apart so that he can get his tongue deeper inside his tight man hole. The sweaty runner then wraps his lips around Colby’s hard cock, moving up and down on that long thick cock. It’s clear that this isn’t his first time sucking cock and he is able to take all seven inches down his throat, leaving Colby moaning. Colby then pushes him against the tailgate and buries his thick cock balls deep in Parker’s ass. He pushes deeper and deeper inside his tight bubble ass making him grunt with each thrust. That thick cock has Parker’s tight hole stretched open from the long-stroking thrusts from Colby. In this adult gay porn video, the unexpected reunion leaves both


Truck Buddies

Outdoor sex is always hot and fucking in a flatbed truck off a country road fulfills a fantasy of mine. Colby and Parker make a hot duo and the cam work deserves some kudos as well!

Colby + Parker HOT!!!

Just when you didn't think the videos could get any hotter-they did! This is the hottest video I have seen in a long time. A Great paring of Colby and Parker is so hot and sexy with fantastic cum shots. OMG! Congratulations on a great video.