Parker Michaels

Parker Michaels

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AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 5'10"

HUGE baseball fan, GO DALLAS MAVS!!! Parker loves watching his favorite shows on Netflix and is always up for some "Netflix and chill." Staying active, cooking, and reading are just a few of his hobbies and, oh yeah, he loves to bottom. What really makes Parker squirm? Being dominated and having his ass and nipples played with is a sure-fire way to make him go crazy.

Parker is from big ole' Texas and yeah, he does have a bit of an accent. He likes going to bars with friends, dancing and making out with hot guys, and he loves doing porn for fun on the weekend. Parker has an adventurous spirit and is always up for a good time. During his time in with Colby and Mickey, Parker has hot scenes you don't want to miss - including a steamy outdoor scene and some truly memorable nights online.

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