Mickey's Birthday Wish



In this new gay porn release from ColbyKnox, it’s Mickey Knox's birthday!!!!! It’s no secret Mickey is a huge voyeur. The stud loves to watch! Mickey wasn't shy in letting Colby Chambers know exactly what he wanted this year. Zach Covington and Scotty Knox were more than happy to lend a hand and the rest of their sexy bodies. From the very start of the video Colby Chambers is in heaven, grabbing both Scotty and Zach's asses. He goes back and forth, making out with them and putting his hands all over the boys’ toned and smooth bodies. Scotty Knox and Zach start going to town sucking on Colby’s big and hard cock, taking turns wrapping their wet lips around his throbbing dick. Colby turns Zach Covington and Scotty Knox into an ass buffet. He’s like a kid in a candy store. Colby just can’t get enough, tonguing and licking both boys. He makes them moan and beg for more. Colby Chambers continues to check with the birthday boy, making sure he is delivering for his voyeuristic husband. Colby gets the nod and sinks his big, and thirsty, cock inside of Scotty Knox. Zach looks on in lustful envy, knowing his turn is coming. Scotty and Zach take turns getting ravaged by Colby. He thrusts, and pumps, each boy harder and harder. This one ends with all the boys getting what they need. There are some well earned, and very hot, cum shots. These cum shots are Mickey’s favorite. Icing on the cake....


Smoking hot birthday scene for Mickey as Colby fucks 18 year old Scotty and 21 year old Zach. At mid scene, Mickey whipped out his rock hard cock, and Scotty broke away from the script to suck it. Also hot how Scotty licked up and swallowed some of Zach's cum. Colby's topping left had both of these two hot twinks whimpering from the sexual joy experienced by their well fucked butts.


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