Zach Covington

Zach Covington

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Age: 22
Height: 5'8" 
Weight: 135 lbs 


Ginger twink Zach Covington is very outdoorsy, he enjoys swimming, hiking, long boarding, surfing, snowboarding, singing, drinking, eating and just exploring new places.

Zach Covington is more than a young and energetic ginger twink. He's a beautiful man in his early 20's who grew up in Kansas City, Missouri but currently resides on the east coast. He is enjoying his work in the gay porn adult film industry and plans to continue to grow as a ginger gay porn model.

Zach is also in school and hopes to one day become a forensic investigator. Zach Covington is insatiable when it comes to his sexual appetites. He is into exploring in the bedroom as much as he is out of it...we expect big things from the young ginger twink!


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