Live with River Wilson

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In this week's new video release from ColbyKnox, the boys have some unscripted fun with sexy Montreal native River Wilson. Colby and Mickey start with River sandwiched between them. They lick, rub, and suck different parts of his stunning physique. River Wilson is hard as a rock at this point and Mickey Knox is never one to pass up on stiff, hard dick. He hops right on River's throbbing cock. Colby Chambers makes himself at home, shoving his big dick in and out of River’s mouth as he watches the Montreal stud give it to his husband. Colby Chambers, not one to sit on the sideline for too long, lines himself up to plunge his rock, hard dick into River Wilson's tight, hungry asshole. Colby finishes up inside of his husband's thick, welcoming thighs as River sucks away on Mickey's cock. ENJOY!!!!



The unintentionally synchronized ass slaps at 23:10 did me in. This video is so incredibly hot, the chemistry is everything, and River and his tight superman ass is a complete dream.


Your threesome vids are always great, but you guys are so gorgeous together. I hope to see more of River and his beautiful Nightwing butt in the future! -devilxpie


I love a smooth fine piece of chocolate. River fits the bill... His body is incredible to look at and that beautiful smile. The chemistry was great. Mickey showed his power top skills. Colby snake charmed him with his dick. A beautiful cumming at the end from everyone.. Great job.. ! Thanks all..??-Sherry