River Wilson

River Wilson

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Age: 27

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 147lbs




River Wilson is as passionate about music and writing just as much as he is with gay porn. He really enjoys playing the guitar and listening to it, but you can often find him relaxing with friends while playing a few round of videos games. While River Wilson is honestly a shy guy at heart, he occasionally ventures out with friends where you can find him singing at open mic night.



We met River Wilson in New York City and hit it off right from the start. He is from Montreal, River has an absolutely beautiful accent. Every time he would speak we were immediately drawn in, captivated by his voice. River is five foot, eleven inches tall and weighs 147 pounds. He has a stunning body and a brilliant mind to match. He loves to travel but is afraid to fly. He does not let that stop him though.

River has moved around a few times but found his way back to the city he was born in. Montreal to him has that homely feel and River said he could probably live there the rest of his days and be the happiest man on earth. One thing that really stood out about River Wilson was his undeniable good heart. Sometimes you can’t be sure but with River it was never in question at all.

He is a wonderful person and immediately fit right in with the rest of the Colby Knox crew. He is willing to face his insecurities and concur his fears which is just one of many great qualities he possesses.



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