Rub-a-dub-dub. Four guys in a hot tub. This week’s ColbyKnox video update has fun with the classic rhyme. Husbands Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox share the compound’s Jacuzzi with studs Ethan Adams and Finn August. It’s night and the boys shimmer in the candlelight surrounding the tub. Colby and Ethan pair off, locking lips. Mickey and Finn do the same. “Such a nice ass,” Mickey exclaims. “My, God. Why don’t you stand up and let me see.” Finn chuckles as he gets on his feet. Colby and Ethan look over as Finn sticks his tasty booty out. “Are we showing off asses,” Colby wonders. Ethan mimics Finn’s position and Colby dives between his pert cheeks. “You taste so fucking good,” Colby says. Mickey, ever the director (smile), wants Ethan and Finn side by side. The boys stand next to each other and the husbands resume eating sweet ass. “You love how much I love this ass,” Mickey says to Finn. “You’re addicted,” Finn replies. He has the same addiction with Mickey’s cheeks. :-) So Mickey turns and Finn works his tongue between the round mounds. Ethan turns around and his meat points to the stars. “Goddamn,” Colby notes. “You’re so hard. That’s so hot.” “What else am I supposed to do,” Ethan explains. Colby swallows Ethan’s tool, swirling his tongue on the head. Finn keeps his tongue on Mickey’s hole. Colby stands up and Ethan reciprocates, working to Colby’s bush. Finn and Mickey return to making out. “What’s going on over there,” Mickey observes to Ethan. “Just a little snack break,” he answers. Mickey takes over dick sucking duties. Finn licks Colby’s hole. He makes room for Ethan to do the same. He and Finn swap spit as Colby takes care of his boo’s beef. Mickey returns to servicing his man as Finn kisses Ethan’s foot. Colby slides over to use his tongue on Ethan’s other tootsie. Mickey takes his mouth off of Colby’s cock and places it on Ethan’s. Colby, who stands up, nibbles on Ethan’s nuts. Finn kisses Ethan’s neck. Those two make out as Colby sits on the tub’s edge. Mickey works his tongue on the thick shaft. Ethan stands up again, giving Finn a chance to put his face between the slick cheeks. “Fuck, yeah,” Colby whispers. “Eat his ass.” He’s enjoying the show. “Keep going,” he instructs Finn. “You’re going to make me come.” Finn’s tongue dives deeper. Colby can’t take it anymore. He blasts a massive load down Mickey’s throat. “So much cum,” Mickey observes after gulping down his man’s juice. Finn is in the water and Ethan is on top of him. Mickey sits in front of them, stroking his tool. As Finn jerks Ethan’s meat, Mickey eats his ass. “You guys are so fucking cute,” Mickey observes.


Beautifully shot in a luxurious firelight setting. All four guys are super hot. The sexiest fun time was had by all.


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