It Reigns in August -BAREBACK-



Taylor Reign and Finn August don’t waste a second this week! The two studs make out when the ColbyKnox camera begins to roll. They are on the studio’s couch; Finn nibbles on Taylor’s pit. “Yeah. Get a whiff of that,” he suggests. “Like that?” “Yeah,” Finn replies (with a sexy smile). He moves from an armpit to one of Taylor’s delectable nipples. Taylor’s tool tents his shorts. Finn can’t help himself. He licks the fabric. “That’s the muscle you really want,” Taylor teases. “Tastes so good,” Finn says between licks. After Taylor pulls down the top of his shorts, Finn gets his prize. He swallows to the balls, gladly gagging. “Fuck That feels good,” Taylor says as he fucks Finn’s moist mouth. As drool falls to the floor, Taylor removes his shorts. He sits down. Finn, on his knees, returns to the oral duties. He pulls down his shorts so Taylor can play with his booty. “Look at that ass,” Taylor whispers. “Big, fucking, muscle ass. Getting all the guys at the gym turned on with this? Bet you love to show it off.” Finn confesses he does. Who can blame him? :-) He swallows Taylor’s balls. When Taylor stands up, Finn uses his hand and mouth on Taylor’s johnson. It’s time for Taylor to have fun with Finn’s tail. He gets on the couch; on his stomach. Taylor rips off his shorts, smacking one of Finn’s jaunty cheeks. “Lift that ass up,” Taylor requests. Finn gets on all fours. Taylor places his face right on Finn’s hole, licking like it’s a flavorful meal. “Get in there,” Finn moans, Each time Taylor smacks a butt cheek, it wiggles. The hole is sufficiently wet and Taylor stuffs his bare dick inside. The pleasurable shock makes Finn grab the pillow. “Fucking that big ass,” Taylor declares. “Stretch out that hole,” Finn begs. Each stroke causes his ass cheeks to quake. “Fuck me,” Finn whines into a cushion. “Make me your little bitch.” Taylor puts his thumb alongside his shaft. “Stretch me open,” Finn whimpers. Taylor grabs Finn’s hips. “Fuck. That feels so good,” Taylor remarks. “Nice, tight hole.” He gives Finn an opportunity to work his ass back on his cock. They change positions. Finn on his back. A leg pulled to his chest; the other wrapped behind Taylor’s head. He works his way back into that sweet hole. “Fuck me,” Finn pleads. His dick is plumped to the max. Taylor leans in for a kiss, making room for a finger and his phallus. “Stretching that hole,” he exclaims. Finn’s spot is getting slammed because he smiles and his sexy eyes roll to the back. “Just like that,” he whispers. Taylor pulls out. “Stay like that,” he instructs, sitting on Finn’s face. He gobbles Taylor’s boy hole. He does it so well that Taylor grinds his butt on Finn’s tongue. As Taylor’s hole gets satisfied, he leans down to suck Finn’s pole. Taylor swallows to the base. “I need some more of that ass,” he proclaims. Finn remains on his back and Taylor re-enters. Finn’s legs are spread apart. His toes curl from the intense drilling. “Take it,” Taylor whispers. Finn beats his dick as his hole is thumped. “It feels so good,” he sighs. “Look at that precum,” Taylor observes. “You got me so close,” Finn responds. He’s the first to blow, shooting a massive load all over his torso. Taylor’s next. His juice lands on Finn’s stomach. The remaining is left in Finn’s ass. After kissing, Taylor closes the scene with an observation to Finn: “You look so hot covered in cum.”


Hard to believe that Taylor is 32 years old as he does not look it! In this hot scene, Taylor the top was everything that Finn, the 23 year old bottom, wanted and needed! Very hot fuck video!

Glad to see both of these guys again. Loved when Taylor took a break from fucking to sit on Finn's face for a bit. Wish we'd seen some asshole/tongue action. Missionary finales are my fave. Imagine here if it had been Finn's decision to go to his back, paw at himself, and beg for more cock while Taylor rested, teasing the youngster before impaling him. Great load from Finn.


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