Tyler Tanner

Tyler Tanner

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Age: 19

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 135 lbs



Tyler Tanner is a huge fan and collector of Legos. He also likes BDSM, animation, film, travel, writing, working out, funny movies and dogs.



Hiii! ;) My name is Tyler Tanner and I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm not sure what to write here but I'll do my best!

Originally I'm from Florida but in middle school I moved to Seattle and then to Georgia in high school. Since graduating I moved back to Florida, then Virginia, and ultimately back to Atlanta.

I really like working out. I used to work out a ton when I played football in high school but fell out of the groove for a while. I've recently been back at it with two goals in mind: being able to run a six minute mile and being able to curl fifty pounds. I already have the mile down by can't curl more than forty yet. I'll get there though.

Check him out on twitter! @TwinkyTylerBoi

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