Something About Sammy

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Sammy Spark joins Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox in the Colby Knox house for another hot gay porn show. This big dicked college stud brings a high level of passion that has the resident lovers embracing his sexy body and luscious cock. The show begins with Colby and Mickey resting on Sammy’s sexy body as they take turns tasting his cock. He has a thick, meaty cock that the guys enjoy getting deep in their mouths. Colby is taking his time going up and down on Sammy’s shaft, feeling that thick meat throb in his mouth. Mickey wants in on the oral action and starts sucking on Colby’s dick, feeling his dick get fully erect as he deep throats his meat. Tasting his man’s cock has him hard and wanting to bury his dick in Colby’s ass. Mickey uses his spit to lube Colby’s ass and begins to push his dick into that tight man hole. Colby moans while he continues to suck Sammy’s cock and Mickey is ready to get balls deep and lubes Colby’s hole so that he can ram his shaft deep inside of his ass. Mickey pounds Colby hard with his fast and rhythmic fucking, pushing his mouth deeper onto Sammy’s big cock. That thick cock penetrating deep into his ass has Colby moaning with pleasure and enjoying every inch of his hung lover. Colby taps out and lets Mickey get a taste of Sammy’s precumming cock. It’s Colby’s turn to ravage some ass and he positions himself behind Sammy, spreading his legs open while pressing his chest down against the mattress. Colby pushes his seven inch cock deep into that tight ass stretching his hole with each thrust. Sammy buries his faces into the sheets and grabs the edge of the mattress holding on tight as Colby rams his cock deep inside his hole massaging his prostate. The feel of that tight ass has Colby pounding harder and pinning Sammy against the bed while he grunts in his ear and kisses him from behind. Mickey is completely turned on by this primal fucking and starts stroking his cock over Sammy. Colby is enjoying his ass so much that he cums inside ramming his cock balls deep with multiple orgasmic thrusts. Mickey explodes with a huge load of cum on Sammy’s face and outstretched tongue. Sammy ends another hot gay porn show by cleaning Mickey’s cum drenched shaft and swallowing his warm cum.