Seth Knight Fucks Mickey Knox

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This summer Mickey Knox and Colby Chambers have had a hell of a time finding a dependable pool boy. The company they contract to keep the pool clean keeps sending new people out every couple of weeks. This week they have sent Seth Knight to maintain the pool. Seth is incredibly handsome, and a hard worker, so they figure he’s a perfect fit. Colby is away at work, but Mickey Knox happens to be home on Seth's first day. Mickey introduces himself. Not knowing if Seth is available, or even gay, did not stop Mickey from taking his shot. What a payoff! Seth is more than happy to accept Mickey's advances. He can’t wait to fuck Mickey’s tight and sweet ass. It goes to show that you never know what is going to happen at the Colbyknox House!



hot ass licking

seth is so strong and macho

seth is so hott... he starts the show with his sewaty body ad he says that "he gets very sweaty" makes me wantto sniff his hot macho armpit so much...he cleans mickey's ass and then fucks him hard. mickey looks at him with all awe and submission to seth's manhood. mickey gets destroyed practically and he loves it.. seth kept sweating throughout the scene..

Fucked by the Pool Boy

Mickey and Seth act out the fantasy of getting fucked by the young, hot, big dicked pool boy. Mickey gives pool boy Seth the ultimate tip, his ass to be fucked. Best line of the scene was the last one: "see you next week!"