Serious Cake with Eli Lincoln

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In this week's new release from ColbyKnox we have fan favorite Eli Lincoln!!! He’s also Colby’s favorite, which is no surprise considering Eli’s juicy backside. This show is from one of Eli's first trips to see the boys. See how bare the room is? That’s OK because Colby and Mickey care more about who gets first crack at Eli's perfect, and round, ass. There’s no need to fight, boys; Eli has PLENTY to go around. Eli has a webcamming background so he’s very comfortable in front of the camera. The three studs have some nice chemistry. This isn’t hard because all of them are sexy as fuck and very hot for one another. The real challenge is holding them off until it’s time for the show. When the world returns to normal, the boys will definitely bring this sexy star back for one more encounter. Or two. Or three! Enjoy!!!


colby violates mickey in front of his bottom, ely

mickey has been the macho top for eli in the past two times.. ely moaned for mickey a lot and worshipped him as his alpha. here, mickey's alpha, colby, shows both mickey and eli who's the man in the room. colby fucks eli as usual. mickey fucks eli as usual but mickey gets fucked hard by colby when he is inside eli.. eli finds that very hot.. it is hot as hell when mickey is penetrated by colby and eli says.."it''s too HOT".. eli enjoys seeing mickey's helplessness as colby fucks him hard. eli found a nice revenge for all the hard fucking mickey had done to him before.


I miss Eli.... come back soon. My guys- all tanned, ripped and fresh hair cuts - Dear God. Good morning to me ! ??love Sherry

Oldie But Goody

You can tell that this scene was recorded some time ago by the condom usage, but Eli's hot little ass taking the cocks of first Colby and then Mickey is a sight to behold. I think that Eli has one of the best twink bottoming butts in all of gay porn. Suggestion: when the caronavirus situation settles down, bring back Eli so Colby can shoot his load inside the twink ass raw and not into a condom. Eli loved Colby shooting into his butt wrapped. He would love it even more if Colby shot inside of his ass bareback.,