Jordan Starr Fucks Kylan Kain -BAREBACK-



Who knew summer at ColbyKnox could get better than it already is? We are so happy to see Kylan Kain again. The sexy stud from Georgia is paired with the equally amazing Jordan Starr. The hotties start the scene, on the couch, with tender kissing. Kylan unzips Jordan’s jeans, stroking Jordan’s hefty slab of beef. T-shirts and jeans are removed. Kylan hits his knees, kissing Jordan’s toes. “Fuck, yeah,” Kylan whispers. “You taste so good.” Slurping on Jordan’s foot causes Kylan’s impressive cock to expand. He leans down, placing his head between Jordan’s thighs. Kylan swallows Jordan’s johnson. He tries to reach the base but only gags. “Fuck. You’re so big,” Kylan says. “Swallow it,” Jordan commands. Kylan tries his best to fit Jordan into his mouth. “You like that, don’t you,” Jordan wonders. Kylan mumbles approval. “Let me taste that ass,” Jordan suggests. Kylan offers a sexy smile. He gets on the couch, pointing his bountiful booty to the ceiling. Jordan munches that hole, placing his face between the mounds of ass meat. Spit makes Kylan’s hole glossy. “Push your tongue in deep,” Kylan pleads. Jordan takes a moment to pay attention to Kylan’s balls. However, Kylan’s cake proves too irresistible. He eventually gets on his hands and knees. Jordan put a a wad of saliva on his tool. With care he works his way inside Kylan. He quickly recovers from the initial shock. Jordan takes his time. “Your hole feels so good,” he exclaims. “Fuck, yeah,” Kylan replies. “You’re so deep.” He takes control of Jordan’s dick, pushing back on it. Jordan puts his hands on top of Kylan’s buttocks, fucking with more speed. “Fucking pound me, please,” Kylan begs. He gets back on his stomach, grabbing the sofa’s edge. Jordan leans in for a kiss. The lads adjust, getting on their sides. The camera offers a close-up of Jordan’s rod stuffing Kylan’s man hole. His eyes roll upward as his “special spot” is hit. “That hole feels so good,” Jordan murmurs. Kylan lifts a leg, giving Jordan more space to fill him up. “Want to push back on it,” Jordan asks. This suggestion meets Kylan’s approval. They decide Kylan should try riding Jordan’s shaft. He takes a seat on the couch. Kylan, facing the camera, lowers himself. His hole slowly swallows up Jordan’s hog. “Fuck. It feels so good,” Jordan says. Kylan enjoys the ride too. His dick flops all over the place, smacking his stomach and thighs. “Fucking work that dick,” Jordan remarks. Kylan pries himself off Jordan’s tool. He sits back on it. However, this time he faces Jordan. “Fucking ride that dick,” Jordan whispers. “You ride it so good.” Kylan furiously beats his meat. He leaves a load on Jordan’s chest. It’s Jordan’s turn to bust one out. Kylan gets back on his stomach and Jordan re-enters Kylan’s booty. The strokes are short and deep. To the balls. “You’re going to give me your load,” Kylan moans. That is exactly what Jordan does. When he pulls out the first stream of man juice hits the middle of Kylan’s back. The rest plasters the top of a buttock. Jordan makes sure some man milk coats Kylan’s insides. “Amazing,” Kylan whispers.


those are some nice thick cocks. Too bad it wasn't a flip.

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Instead of having Jordan announce he'd like to eat Kylan, it would have been exciting to see Kylan display his hole and tease Jordan with it. The rimming was good. Fucking likewise good with slow buildup and real hunger from Kylan. Loved the way Kyland smiled and laughed. Would've loved an aggressive missionary finale. The glow of natural light across Kylan's back was beautiful.


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