Kylan Kain

Kylan Kain

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Age: 21

Height: 6'1" 

Weight: 190 lbs 


Kylan is very passionate and submissive on and off camera!! He loves making out and not rushing through the foreplay, but he's always willing and eager to worship a throbbing dick and let some cocky studs dominate him.



Kylan is an easy going and very friendly young stud from Georgia. He can be a bit shy and quiet at first but is very outgoing and loves meeting new people so he opens up quick. Kylan's interests to name a few are music, movies, video games and superheroes- obvious instant best friend for Colby Chambers!!! Kylan had always has an interest in the adult industry but took his time in feeling things out to be sure it was right for him. But after some encouragement from friends he took the leap and is loving the adventure of his new career path.

Check out his Twitter! @starboykylan

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