Jack Valor Gets His Cheeks Clapped -BAREBACK-



Colby Chambers is such a tease! :-) In this ColbyKnox webcam video he's on his stomach. Jack Valor is behind him, using his johnson to caress Colby's butt cheeks. Mickey Knox, Colby's boo, is on his knees, watching all the action. He leans down, sucking Jack off. "I'm not the bottom," Colby says to an audience member. "I'm not bottoming for this show." Mickey lubes Jack up. Colby might not be bottoming but Jack makes sure his bare meat stays near Colby's hole. Jack exhibits so much self-control. Not many could be so close to Colby's hole without some penetration. :-) "I'm right there," Jack insists. He and Colby switch places. As for Mickey, he keeps slurping hard dick. This time it's Colby's. Mickey spits on his man's shaft. Colby's cock rubs Jack's anal opening. "I welcome that clenching," Colby says to Jack." "Go ahead. Clench away." "Buns of steel," Mickey jokes. Jack is all smiles when he's filled up. "Fuck. That feels good," Colby exclaims. He drills slowly, opening Jack up. Mickey gets a shot to fill Jack up. When he's in to the balls, Mickey leans down to kiss Jack. "Oh, fuck yeah," Jack says. Colby offers him meat. Jack's ends are stuffed. Spit and Colby's precum coat Jack's lips. His toes curl each time Mickey slams his prostate. The husbands kiss as their tools have their way with Jack. Mickey gives Jack's throat a break by sucking Colby's rod. As Mickey holds still Jack grinds himself on Mickey's pelvis. Colby wants another round with Jack's backside. Poor Mickey has to pull out of the warm confines. Jack saddles Colby; his buns of steel doing all the work. "Get that dick," Colby commands. Mickey takes control of the camera. "Go nice and slow, babe, " he directs Colby. "Let me see that cock go in and out." Mickey gets back in the scene by spitting on Colby's shaft, licking it as it spreads Jack open. He gently slides off Colby's tool and sits on Mickey's mast. Jack looks so cute when he arches his back. "Ride that fucking cock" Mickey orders. "Oh, fuck. You feel so good." Colby reaches out, caressing Jack's buns. "That sex sweat is so hot," Colby notes. He leaves his hand prints on Jack's bottom. Like the rest of us, Colby is transfixed by the show. Jack puts his sexy legs in the air. Mickey gets back in that sweet ass and Colby refills Jack's mouth. He face fucks, making him gag. "Want to share," Colby asks Mickey. He nods with a big grin. Jack gets on his stomach and Colby resumes hard fucking. He grabs Jack by the neck, covering him with sensual kisses. "Look at that," Mickey says off camera. "It looks so good. That fat cock stretching you out. Does it feel good? Big, ol' fat dick in your ass?" What do you think Jack says? :-) He grabs the sheets as Colby fucks. "Bite that pillow," Mickey advises. Jack would but Colby puts his fingers in Jack's mouth. Mickey returns to the bed, feeding Jack hard dick. Once again, Jack is stuffed front and back. "Fill you from both ends," Mickey whispers. Colby shoots first. "I'm going to come so hard," he announces. He pulls out and jerks a large load on Jack's ass. Mickey drinks the man milk right from the source, licking up what lands on Jack. Colby leaves the room as Mickey has another go with Jack's booty. "Fuck me," Jack pleads. "I love that you can take all of it," Mickey observes. "My hips just hit yours." Jack hits his back one last time. His thighs up to his chest. He beats his dick as his asshole is packed. "Those perfect cheeks," Mickey murmurs "Perfect for that perfect cock," Jack replies. All that fucking gets to Jack. He shoots cum all over his stomach. "Look at all that fucking cum," Mickey exclaims. "That man is soaked." Jack turns over, on his stomach, giving Mickey a perfect view of that perfect ass. Mickey strokes his tool. The first stream of seed lands on Jack's back. The second in Jack's hair. The rest coats the sweaty butt cheeks. "That was a pretty big cum shot," Jack says. Mickey, the perfect host, jumps off the bed to get Jack a towel. How many towels did you use after watching this hot show? :-)


Jack is stunning, those eyes and that mouth. A super-hot shy top (exploration required for the sake of... err. let's say art...) as well as an awesome bottom. Colby is beautifully commanding as always, and you've gotta love the way Mickey can pound a phenomenal cumshot out of a bottom whilst being so damn cute it's beyond hot!! #jealous ;) x

Jack, the 5'9", 135 lbs., twink, has a hot little ass perfect for bottoming! In this nearly 52 minute video, Jack starts off by coming close to shocking everyone, especially Colby, by repeatedly having his hard twink cock nearly penetrate Colby's ass! But instead the scene returned to form as first Colby and then Mickey fuck Jack's hot little twink ass! For a twink to bottom for nearly an hour of taking Colby's and Mickey's long hard cocks, Jack was the perfect choice to portray the bottom in this very hot scene!


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