Handle With Care -BAREBACK-

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Who hasn’t had lusty thoughts over a delivery driver? From their outfits (the shorts perfectly highlight the toned thighs) to their overall hotness. This week ColbyKnox offers a sweet delivery man dream. Finn August is in the gym, lifting weights. Kane Fox peers through the door’s window. In this scene, he plays a man of deliveries, carrying a box. He’s enamored with the shirtless Finn. When Finn comes to the door, Kane’s hesitant to let the box go because it’s hiding a raging boner. “Sorry about that,” he says. “I don’t mind,” Finn replies. “Let me check it out.” “You sure,” Kane asks. Finn’s hands stay on the bulge, giving Kane the answer he needs. The two lean in for some kisses. Kane unbuttons his shirt and Finn removes it. Kane pulls down his boxers and shorts. This makes Finn fall to his knees and orally worship the staff. “That feels so good,” Kane exclaims when Finn takes a brief break from sucking. He returns to bobbing up and down. After getting used to the dick’s size, Finn swallows all of it. “Your mouth feels so good,” Kane notes. Eventually, Finn treats the johnson like an ice cream cone, licking from the smooth balls to the tip. “Stick your tongue out,” Kane suggests. Finn does and Kane smacks his cock on it. He then grabs Finn by the hair to face fuck him. The sounds of gags and gurgles echo in the gym. Kane wants to see Finn’s backside so he leads him back to the bench. He seductively pulls down his red, white, and blue shorts, placing both hands on the bench. “Holy shit,” Kane exclaims. “Such a nice ass.” “Thanks,” Finn replies. It’s Kane’s turn to hit his knees. With no hesitation he eats Finn out. “You taste so good,” Kane explains. “You like it,” Finn wonders. Kane’s tongue does all the talking. “Oh, yeah,” Finn moans. “Get in there.” Kane does everything he can to “get in there.” :-) “You have such a pretty hole,” he observes. “Your tongue feels so good,” Finn replies. All that butt munching is preparation. “I want to fuck you so bad,” Kane announces. “I want you in me,” Finn retorts. Kane stands up, stroking his meat. “Is that hole really for me,” he wonders. “Stick it in me,” Finn whispers. Kane makes a “delivery,” pushing his bare dick inside. Once he’s reached the limit, Kane gently fucks. When he grabs Finn’s shoulder and hip, the speed increases. “Fuck, yeah,” Finn groans. The delivery man leans down to kiss Finn’s neck. “Feels good, baby,” Kane wonders. “Feels so good,” Finn replies. The boys change positions. Kane on his back; on the floor. His rod points to the ceiling. Facing Kane Finn does a split, lowering himself until his ass is filled with hard cock. The camera catches a flawless view of Finn’s curvy buns going up and down. “God, yeah,” he moans. They return to the bench. Now Finn is on his back; his sexy legs in the air. His eyes plead Kane to get back to the fucking. He works his way back into that tight little hole. “Feels good,” he asks. “It feels so good,” Finn moans. He’s stroking his meat as he’s pounded. Kane folds Finn in two, placing his feet on his shoulders. He drills down. Harder. And faster. “You’re such a good boy,” Kane says. Like a good boy, Finn busts first. His load shoots out on his chiseled stomach. Some even reaches his chest. Kane doesn’t stop fucking. When he does he pulls out, adding his load to the man milk on Finn’s tummy. He also leaves some on Finn’s dick and balls, before refilling Finn’s hole. The exhausted hotties kiss.



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