Friendly Loads with Jack Valor -BAREBACK-



Be honest. How many times have you dreamed of Jack Valor? On his back? In bed? Sucking your nuts? A decillion times. At minimum? :-) Today’s ColbyKnox webcam video begins with that fantasy. Colby Chambers’ balls are in Jack’s mouth. Mickey Knox gets in on the action by briefly sucking Jack’s johnson. He and his husband switch places. Mickey’s nuts fill Jack’s mouth; Colby slurps on his tool. He stands up and puts his cock in front of his man. “I’m so happy,” Mickey says before repositioning the camera. Colby’s balls return to Jack’s mouth and Mickey, returning to the bed, gobbles Jack’s dick. When he gets on his knees, Jack’s tool points straight up. Mickey gets back to sucking it. As for Colby, he feeds Jack some meat. Mickey and Jack share Colby’s cock. Each takes a turn with it. Soon, Jack’s booty attracts Mickey’s attention. How could it not? :-) Jack gets on his stomach, Mickey teases the sweet hole. His raw tool massages Jack’s insides. Colby, who briefly went off camera, returns to have his rod sucked by Jack. “This is proper massage form,” Colby explains. “It feels really good,” Jack notes. Mickey focuses on stuffing Jack’s ass. The husbands kiss over Jack’s supple body. When Mickey leans down to give his man oral loving, Colby smacks his backside. The dick plops out of Mickey’s mouth and Jack licks it. Mickey’s pummeling speed increases, each stroke striking Jack’s luscious cheeks. He would cry out but all we hear are his muffled groans. :-) “I think we should trade places,” Colby says to his husband. “I’m sorry,” Mickey teases in reply. “Did you say something?” Eventually, Mickey pulls out. He goes off camera and Colby’s dick explores Jack’s interior. He grabs the sheets as Colby pounds. He pushes Jack down, fucking harder. Jack takes it all, moaning into the mattress. Mickey returns to the bed, licking his husband’s hole. He grabs Colby’s cheeks as he rims. “Feels so good,” Jack whispers. It’s about to be better for Mickey. He places his cock at Colby’s taint hole. Each time he pulls back, he’s fucked by his boo. A brief “Colby sandwich,” with Colby as the tasty meat in the middle. “A solid effort,” Mickey cracks as he pulls out. The husbands change places, and we get a “Mickey sandwich.” Jack and Colby on the ends; Mickey right in the center. :-) After plunging into Jack, Mickey is jabbed by Colby. “Fuck. Your dick is fat,” Mickey moans. Colby takes control. “Fuck me inside of him,” Mickey wails. Soon it’s time for Jack to ride. Mickey takes control of the camera, Colby gets on his back, and Jack, his back facing the camera, straddles him. “Right there,” Jack whispers. “Take that dick,” Colby answers. He grabs Jack’s neck as he hammers. Perspiration causes Jack’s sexy body to glow. Colby has a plan. “I want to come in you as you’re fucking him,” he says to Mickey (who is still off-screen). That scenario appeals, so Jack gets on his back, pulling a delectable thigh to his chest. Mickey and Colby kiss. After pulling away from each other, Mickey gets back inside Jack. Colby refills Mickey, and we have “Mickey sandwich, part two.” LOL. Colby pushes Mickey into Jack. Mickey takes control, fucking Jack on his own. Each time he pulls away, his spot is rammed by his man. “I’m going to come in you so hard as you fuck him.” Colby whispers. He keeps his promise with a creampie, leaving some juice on Mickey’s sweaty butt. After Colby pulls away and goes off-screen, Mickey continues fucking Jack. “Pound me,” he whispers. He busts first. Jack’s abundant load mixes with the perspiration covering his abs and inner thigh. “So much cum,” Mickey observes. “Feels so good,” Jack counters. “I’m going to do my traditional lay down and shoot my load,” Mickey explains. “It’s what you deserve,” Jack says. Mickey gets on his back, stroking his engorged meat. Jack stands over him, cum dripping off his torso. Mickey fingers his hole as he beats his staff. Watch for the cum explosion. Lordy! He covers his face and neck with man milk. “Think I’m going to need a towel,” he whispers. Before he gets one he shows the audience his cute face, smothered in finger-licking goo!


Obviously in this threeway, young twink Jack was going to be the pass around bottom with Mickey and Colby being his tops! But that didn't stop some sandwich fucking with Jack always being the bottom! Huge cum shots at the end! Very hot!

Cum from every direction. First of all, all three guys are hot. Jack, I think you are hotter with short hair. All dicks were hot but loved how Colby took control. There were a lot of enlarged cocks and can't say whose was the best. The loads unleased were amazing.

Jack is such fun Colby is all dom and lust Mickey is just ... sublime- more so bc he has no idea how beautiful and sexy he is.


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