Finn August and Mickey Knox Flip-Fuck -BAREBACK-



It’s hard to believe Mickey Knox and Finn August haven’t had a scene together. ColbyKnox rectifies this calamity with this week’s update. :-) Their video starts just the way it should when passionate studs are on screen: tender kissing. They share the studio’s bed, on their knees, in underwear. “Fucking nice ass,” Mickey says with a devilish grin. As he grabs Finn’s caboose, Mickey nibbles on one of Finn’s nipples. He reaches into Mickey’s shorts, gently pulling his pud. Mickey is entranced by Finn’s tiddies. Can you blame him? :-) Eventually he plays with Finn’s hole. He gets on his hands and knees, pulling his shorts partly down. Mickey buries his face between Finn’s cheeks. “Yeah. Get in there,” Finn orders. When Mickey takes off his underwear, his dick is at “ready to play” mode. “You like that ass,” Finn asks with a laugh. “Fuck, yeah.” Mickey replies. To entice him even more, Finn shakes his booty. He finally removes the skivvies. “Fuck. You taste so good,” Mickey whispers. He’s also impressed by Finn’s back arch. This causes him to reach for the lube. He puts some on his meat and slowly puts the bare tip inside Finn. The rest of the meat follows. “Fuck,” Mickey notes. “You’re tight.” Finn holds the bed’s edge. “Fuck. You feel so good,” he says. Mickey bangs to the balls, smacking the curvy butt. “Stretch me out,” Finn begs. He slides on his stomach. Mickey keeps hammering home. “Going to grind that cock deep inside of you,” he moans. “Fuck,” Finn whimpers. “You stretch me out so good.” Mickey loves to pound sweet ass but he also likes something else. :-) “Do you give cock as good as you take it,” he asks. “You know it,” Finn answers. The boys switch positions. Mickey on his hands and knees; Finn immediately eats Mickey out. He even gives Mickey’s cheek a sturdy slap. “You taste so good,” Finn exclaims. “Get me ready for that dick,” Mickey replies. Finn fingers Mickey as he licks. Finn eases all of his staff into Mickey. “It’s tight,” Finn observes. That’s not going to stop him. He grabs Mickey’s hips, drilling down. “You feel so good,” Finn remarks after giving Mickey’s rump a slap. “That fucking cock feels amazing,” Mickey breathlessly replies. He grits his teeth as Finn keeps banging. “Tell me how much you like it,” Finn orders. “Fuck. I love it,” Mickey yowls to the ceiling. “Pound my ass.” How can Finn not follow that request? :-) “Back up on it,” he instructs. Mickey does. Finn takes back control, making certain Mickey feels each stroke. The boys switch positions again. Mickey on his back. Finn straddling. Mickey grabs a bucketload of booty and pounds up. “You feel so good,” Finn moans. “Fuck, yeah,” Mickey murmurs. “Ride me. Ride that cock.” The camera gets a flawless angle of Mickey’s tool parting Finn’s fine cheeks. “Just like that,” Finn sobs. He strokes his johnson as he rides. Sweat glistens from both of their bodies. Finn busts first. His load lands on Mickey’s face and chest. “God. You fucking soaked me,” Mickey says in appreciation. He licks what’s left on Finn’s bloated head. “Fucking cum on my chest,” Mickey says. “I love it.” He returns to sucking Finn’s rod. Mickey takes his tool out of Finn’s ass and beats his meat. “Come all over my ass,” Finn demands. Mickey’s man juice glazes Finn’s butt cheeks. Finn attempts to stick Mickey’s tool back inside his hole but all that good fucking makes Mickey sensitive. “Have to protect the tip,” he chuckles before the video ends.


Finn and Mickey are both so fucking hot!!! I would love to get fucked by both of them at the same time!


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