Drawing to Conclusion -BAREBACK-



Shapey Shaperson returns to ColbyKnox and we are so happy! In this week’s video, he’s working on a drawing for a client. As he struggles to meet deadline, sexy stud muffin Finn August sits next to him. Finn’s short shorts show off his sturdy thighs. :-) He offers Shapey encouragement about his work, but an artist is never satisfied. Shapey wonders if he can draw on Finn to get the proper perspective for the sketch. Finn stands up, his back to Shapey. “Could you lean forward a little bit,” Shapey suggests, drawing on the small of Finn’s back. “Of course,” he replies. Finn puts both hands on a coffee table littered with drawings. His backside is right in Shapey’s face, who is concentrated on the work. At least for now. :-) “The design goes down a little lower,” he says. “Mind if I pull your pants down a little bit?” “Sure,” Finn answers. “Go for it.” Shapey can’t help himself. He massages those round mounds. “Maybe I should just take these off for you,” Finn suggests. The drawing is done but Shapey wants to know if he can keep playing with Finn’s cake. “Go for it,” Finn exclaims. Shapey tenderly kisses the hole. He spreads Finn’s cheeks apart so his tongue can deeply explore. “You like that ass,” Finn wonders. Shapey’s tongue does the talking. He removes his shirt, quickly returning to munching. “Get in there,” Finn encourages. Shapey leaves as much spit as possible on Finn’s taint hole. He wants to show off his oral skills, specifically with Shapey’s dick. Finn returns to the couch as Shapey stands in front of him. He slowly pulls down Shapey’s shorts and the meat springs out. “You like that dick,” Shapey whispers. Finn swallows it, moaning as he goes up and down on the shaft. “Your cock tastes so good,” he observes. Shapey leans down, smacking Finn’s rear. “Your ass is so nice,” Shapey notes, fingering Finn’s backside. “You’re going to let me fuck that ass again,” Shapey wonders. “Yes, please,” Finn replies. He leans on the sofa’s arm; knees on the cushions. When Shapey fills him with bare cock, Finn groans. He takes the tool, arching his back. At first, Shapey’s strokes are slow and steady. The pace picks up. “Take that dick,” he commands. “Get in there,” Finn whimpers. As he pulverizes Finn’s insides, Shapey leans in for some kissing. The duo change positions. Finn on his back, a leg draping over Shapey. The steady pounding causes Finn’s eyes to roll. Shapey goes to the balls. With a minor adjustment Finn gets on his side, pulling his legs together. Shapey returns to mashing Finn’s “special spot.” “Fill me up,” he begs. “Do you want to ride it,” Shapey wonders. He sits and Finn straddles him, steering the rod back inside. Then he bounces. “Tell me how much you like my ass,” Finn declares. “It’s so good,” Shapey responds. “Bounce those cheeks, baby.” A thumb is placed in Shapey's mouth. “Fuck. You’re so hot,” Finn declares. “Milk that cock,” Shapey whispers. Soon it’s a friendly race to see who will bust first. Finn wins. :-) His load showers Shapey’s torso. After catching his breath, Finn gets on is stomach so Shapey can come. Shapey beats his meat over Finn’s mouthwatering buns. Soon man juice covers Finn’s butt. He still wants that dick inside him so Shapey puts some cum on it, working his way back inside that tight hole.


Artist Sharpey is designing a tattoo for a client, when young Finn clad only in his short shorts sits down and experesses interest. When Sharpey asks to draw his design on Finn's lower back, then to lower his shorts as the design continues onto his butt, and then to play with with Finn's hot ass, the answer is always "Of course!" That open attitude led to rimming, cock sucking butt fucking! At the end after big cum shots by both, Finn requested a breeding, and of course Sharpey bred the hot ass! Very hot scene!


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