Dillon and Jordan's Fourway Fuckfest -BAREBACK-



Pride is almost over and we at ColbyKnox hope you all had the best June possible. We also decided to close the celebratory month with a fourgy! :-) Husbands Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox are on the pool’s deck with super studs Jordan Starr and Dillon Faze. Mickey and Jordan make out on an outdoor sofa. Dillon and Colby, sitting next to them, do the same. Colby can’t keep his hands off Dillon’s bum and his man’s hands stroke Jordan’s johnson. “Holy shit,” Mickey whispers, tugging down the front of Jordan’s shorts. “Look at that fucking cock.” Colby pulls down his yellow shorts. Dillon strokes his host’s hefty slab of beef. “Put it in my mouth,” Mickey says to Jordan. “Fuck, yeah,” he replies. Mickey slides on his stomach and begins to blow. “You’re going to suck it,” Colby asks Dillon. “Fuck, yeah,” he answers. Dillon’s eyelids flutter when his mouth is stuffed with meat. As they are serviced, Colby and Jordan swap spit. Dillon swallows to the base. Mickey tries the same but can’t get the staff down his gullet. Jordan plays with Mickey’s booty. “Oh, fuck,” Mickey whimpers, coming up for air. As for Dillon, silver strings of spit and pre-cum are attached to his lips when he pulls off Colby’s cock. “Suck those dicks, boys,” Colby instructs. They eagerly follow this request. :-) Dillon licks Colby’s rod like it’s ice cream on a cone. “It feels so good,” Jordan offers to Mickey, complimenting his oral skills. “You like Jordan’s cock,” Colby says to Dillon. He comes up for air, nodding yes. So he and Mickey switch places. Dillon services Jordan and Mickey does the same to his man. “Yeah, baby,” Colby croons. “Suck that cock.” He then gives a command: “Fucking mount up.” Mickey sits on his husband’s rod. Dillon positions himself on Jordan’s dick. Do you hear Dillon’s yelp when Jordan enters him? :-) Dillon and Mickey bounce up and down. Their tools point to the sky. “Holy, shit,” Mickey exclaims. “That feels so good.” “Give me that fucking hole,” Colby replies. As Dillon bounces on stiff dick, Jordan reaches around to squeeze that amazing ass meat. As their holes are stretched, Dillon and Mickey kiss. “Make out, little bottom sluts,” Colby declares. He’s tired of his boo taking his time. Colby grabs Mickey’s ass, pounding hard and quick. Soon it’s time for another switch. Dillon takes on Colby. Mickey hops on Jordan. “You ready for some of this,” Jordan wonders. Dillon and Colby get off the couch so Dillon can stand up and be railed. He puts his hands on a table and Colby re-enters. “Fuck, yes,” Dillon moans. “I can fuck your ass all day,” Colby explains. Jordan rearranges Mickey’s insides, holding his hips to make sure he feels each inch. They walk over to the table, standing on the opposite side of Dillon and Colby. Mickey pulls a leg up and Jordan works his way back in. Both “little bottom sluts” are rammed the way “little bottom sluts” should be. :-) “Fuck that feels so good,” Mickey whispers. “Yeah,” Jordan replies. “You like that dick?” The bottoms kiss. Have to give them credit. Dillon and Mickey don’t ask for mercy. That deep dicking is too good. Cushions are put on the table and Dillon gets on his back. “How’s my husband’s cock in your hole,” Mickey wonders. “It’s so good,” Dillon answers. “Give me that fucking hole, boy,” Colby demands. “Your fucking dick is huge,” Mickey yelps to Jordan. Like Dillon, Mickey moves to his back. “You want some of this,” Jordan wonders. “Yes, please.” Mickey pleads. Jordan goes all the way in and pulls out, teasing the hole. The “little bottom sluts” hold on as their holes are wrecked. Colby shoots first. His load coats Dillon’s sweet ass. Streams of man juice glaze both cheeks. Dillon still has some work to do. Everyone returns to the couch. The husbands pair up. Jordan gets on his back and Dillon rides him. They fuck as Colby and Mickey kiss. Mickey’s eyes glaze in heat as he looks at the rutting lads. Dillon uses both hands to stroke his meat, riding Jordan into the sunset. The show pushes Mickey over the edge. His legs tremble as a load explodes, landing all over his torso. Colby gives him a smooch for all of that lost man juice. Dillon moves to his stomach and Jordan drives down into the British boy’s battered bussy. A few strokes and Jordan shoots, dropping a load in the small of Dillon’s back. As a special gift Jordan scoops up his cum, smears it on his bloated head, and re-enters Dillon. Whew! Happy Pride, everyone!


End of Pride Monthy four way with Mickey and Dillon the bottoms and Colby and Jordan the tops with both tops fucking both bottoms! 20 year old Dillon was the boy bottom of the four, who ended the scene with Jordan pulling out of the kid's hot ass, shooting his load and then reinserting to breed Dillon! Very hot four way!

One of your best. Colby keep that dirty mouth going.


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