Colby's Christmas List -BAREBACK-

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In this weeks new holiday release on ColbyKnox, the boys are having a slow start to their Christmas morning. In no rush to get out of bed Colby Chambers is doing some reading to get the day started. Mickey Knox comes into the bedroom from having coffee and lets Colby know he's going to have to run an errand. Always a silver lining with Mickey he trying to hide his giddiness lets Colby know that one of his presents is waiting for him in the living room. Colby Chambers as excited as a little kid on, well Christmas goes charging into the living room to see whats waiting for him. Much to his surprise, Mickey Knox has rented the time and services of the gorgeous bottom boy stud Vincent O'Reilly. Colby takes it nice and slow, easing on to his thoughtful gift appreciating every bulge and curve of Vincents O'Reilly's beautiful physique. After warming up and giving each other some mutual dick sucking fun, Colby starts to really unwrap this boy. Vincent starts out by mounting Colby's big thick cock bareback and taking his whole dick into his tight plump ass. Colby Chambers flips Vincent on his back and gives it to him hard and fast, slapping Vincent around a little as he thrusts in and out of his bare hole. Vincent O'Reilly eventually loses control and erupts a wet warm load all over himself, almost to his face!!! Colby bends Vincent O'Reilly over and establishes that he isn't quite finished with him. Colby Chambers pounds away at Vincent thick tan thighs until he delivers the third cumshot of this amazing addition to ColbyKnox.


The Perfect Present

Colby, you are a BEAST!!! Vincent is beautiful and oh so nice to look at. And what a good hubby Mickey is for giving such a thoughtful gift! Hot hot hot!!!

Colby's Hot Christmas Present

Colby's Christmas turns out to be smoking hot 5'9" 145 lb. Vincent wearing only a jock and an elf hat. Nature then takes its course and Vincent winds up with a well fucked ass and an ass full of cum. Way to go Colby for shooting all of his load up into Vincent's hot ass. That was some present.


What a hell of a Christmas present... Vincent is gorgeous! From that beautiful tattooed body, that fine ass, his big dick and last but, not least that fucking hip action !!! WOW. I will take one of him for Christmas too...Sexy scene .. ??-Sherry