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What does Tannor Reed like?

Tannor Reed is a big fan of ice cream, cheese and lets just say carbs in general. He is also quite the nudist, very comfortable in his skin and happy to be clad in his beautiful birthday suit while hanging around the house or lounging by the pool. He is also a big fan of just hanging out and playing some video games with friends. Sexually Tannor is very eager to please, clearly getting his pleasure from the moans of satisfaction coming from the lucky recipient.

About Tannor Reed

This multi-talented gorgeous 25 year old is new to the industry but is definitely coming at it with arms wide open. Tannor is very intelligent and an absolute pleasure to talk to, well versed in a variety of subject matter and has an admirable passion about his interests. He prefers a night at home watching something good on TV with some good people as opposed to going out for a crazy night on the town. Tannor prefers to bottom but has no qualms with putting that big beautiful dick of his to good use. Speaking of things he does with his big beautiful cock.... Did we mention he can suck his own dick?!?!? Tannor is unbelievably flexible, able to get his feet completely behind his head and really go to town on himself- the boy is fucking talented!!!
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