Whacking Wood



In this adult gay porn release from the ColbyKnox house, Tyler Sky has been looking for work in town but without much luck. He has finally found an opportunity to land a side job doing some handyman work and earn some much needed money. When he shows up for the work, he finds out that he has a long day ahead of some grueling wood chopping. It’s hot and the work is hard but he really needs the money. Tyler takes off his shirt and gets right to work in the giant pile of logs that need to be chopped for fire wood. He takes each piece and slings the axe slicing the log in two. Tyler has a sexy, fit body and the sight of him slinging the axe is nothing short of amazing. He’s been at the job for a while and the heat is getting to him as he starts to drip with sweat. He decides its time for a break and he grabs a bottle of water to get a drink and then pours the rest of it over his sweaty head and chest. It was a much needed relief, cooling off his hot body. He takes a seat on one of the logs and he starts grabbing at his cock through his pants. He unzips his pants and starts stroking his cock. He’s already on a break so he decides it’s a good time to stroke out a load. He begins slowly stoking his fat uncut cock and then stands up, pushing his pants down further to expose more of his cock. He continues stroking as he gets more excited thinking about masturbating outside in the open. He is enjoying to self-pleasing time and he leans against the logs stroking harder and harder. The wood chopping is the least of his concern now as he continues to stroke his cock and pull his balls. The sweat dripping down his sexy body makes the sight of him rubbing his cock even more attractive. Tyler continues stroking as he sits back down on a log and moving his hand faster and faster in a rhythmic motion. He finally explodes with a huge load of warm cum all over his chest.


Tyler did a great job, he is beginning to grow on me. Although not a fan of outdoor scenes

He is why I joined. Just Wow!

You are so hot


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