The Best Part Of Waking Up -BAREBACK-

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In this week's release from ColbyKnox, Mickey Knox lazily starts the day by walking around the house and sipping some coffee. He turns the corner to find Eli Lincoln's plump irresistible ass staring back at him; Eli is reading a book in the sunroom. Mickey Knox takes a seat and lets Eli know how he would like to spend the morning. Mickey slowly works his way toward Eli Lincoln's ass; Eli knows the deal. He smirks and goads Mickey on. Mickey Knox can't resist all of that cake for long. Eventually he starts lapping up and down Eli's crack; he worships and plays with that big, beautiful butt. Mickey licks, sucks, fingers and primes Eli up until the bottom boy practically begs Mickey to plant that big, throbbing cock inside of him. Mickey Knox doesn't need to be convinced so he does exactly that. Mickey Knox thrusts and pumps away. Both boys moan in ecstasy, edging each other closer and closer to a big cum filled payoff. Eli Lincoln may love to bottom, but that doesn't mean he's all sub. Eli sits Mickey up on the couch and slowly lowers down until he feels Mickey's balls rubbing against his sweet taint. Eli Lincoln takes control, riding Mickey Knox like he hasn't had a dick in years!!!! This is an absolutely beautiful expression of lust and sexuality. Enjoy!!!


mickey fucks eli

eli seems very satisfied.. mickey is hot

Eli's Hot Little Ass Gets Fucked!

At 5'4" 125 lbs., Eli has a hot little bubble butt perfect for taking dick. Does Mickey ever give that hot little ass what it wants and needs. Concluding a multiple position during which Eli for the most part was rock hard and smiling, Mickey shoots his big load of cum inside the boy butt, pulls out so we can watch cum slowly seep out and then gives Eli some bonus breeding to give the hot bottom as ass full of cum. Eli then shoots most of his load into Mickey's open mouth. Both of their orgasms were so hot that they got instant replays. If butt fucking was an Olympic sport, this scene would have been a gold medal contender. Eli is by far one of the best bottoms in the ColbyKnox gallery of models.


OMG- Mickey Knox’s (The beast master!!!) you are such a hot lover... Great scene ! Chemistry was off the chart and Eli is so willing and that ass !!!! The scene had it all- kissing, eye contact and beautiful beautiful men. Thank you ....??-Sherry