Study Buddies

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In this hot new Colby Knox gay porn release, Mickey Knox has invited Sammy Sparx over to the house to study for a number of upcoming college deadlines. Sammy is feeling the pressure of the deadlines and appreciated the offer from his friend for a quiet place to get some work done. These two studs are sitting on the couch, and Mickey tells the young college stud about how he used to deal with stress when he was in college. Sammy admits that it’s been a while since he’s shot a load, and Mickey has a plan to help deal with all the stress. Sammy gets to work on his knees in front of Mickey by sucking his big cock. Sammy has Mickey’s cock buried deep in his mouth, moaning as he moves up and down the shaft. The cock-sucking action moves onto the couch as Mickey slides Sammy’s jeans off and buries his face on his cock. The look of that sexy college jock with his hat turned backwards staring into his eyes is all the invitation Mickey needs to climb onto Sammy’s lap and sit on his cock. Mickey reaches back to glide Sammy’s thick meat into his tight hole and moans as he takes the entire shaft inside. Mickey curls tightly on Sammy’s chest, sticking his tongue in his mouth as he continues to grind on that thick shaft. Sammy thrusts his thick dick deep in Mickey’s ass, while Mickey reaches behind to pull on Sammy’s balls as he continues to take his meat. The college stud wants to feel his cock deeper in Mickey’s ass, so the two reposition so that Sammy can fuck Mickey from behind. Mickey arches his back as Sammy rams his big dick deep inside, grabbing Mickey’s shoulders so he can push deeper and deeper into his tight hole. Sammy pulls his big dick out of Mickey’s ass so that Mickey can deep throat Sammy’s shaft once again. Mickey is always game for sucking out a huge load with his mouth and so happily obliges. Sammy finally explodes with a giant load of cum on Mickey’s face. It turns out that Mickey’s advice for handling the stress of college worked like a charm.


Study buddies

It's a very sexy video, the only problem is the sound is messed up, no longer after the video starts


damn sammy has got a nice dick


This brings back some great memories of college life. Mickey brings some hot relief to Sammy we all can enjoy!

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