Rub A Dub Sub -BAREBACK-



Baths are the best! They are even better when sharing a tub with someone. :-) In this ColbyKnox gay porn update, Mickey Knox and newbie Ethan Adams play Rub-a-dub-dub in the tub. They sit in front of each other, kissing. The twinky “newcummer” grabs Mickey’s meat. Mickey snacks on Ethan’s nipple. “You got me so hard,” Ethan observes as Mickey toys with his cock. Mickey sits on the edge of the tub, giving Ethan a chance to blow him. “That feels really fucking good,” Mickey whispers after Ethan gags. “It better,” he jokes with a chin slick with drool. His wet tongue licks Mickey’s nuts. Ethan takes a break so Mickey can lick his hole. “Your tongue feels so nice,” Ethan notes. “That’s such a beautiful hole,” Mickey replies, diving in for more munching. Ethan pushes his backside into Mickey’s face. “Make me eat it,” he says. As he rims, Mickey smacks the pale cheeks. “Wow. You really want it, huh,” Ethan observes. “I fucking love eating ass,” Mickey answers. All that rimming means Ethan’s booty will be busted. Mickey gets on his back and Ethan straddles him. He guides Mickey’s raw tool inside his sweet, tight hole. “Fuck. You’re so hot,” Mickey moans as Ethan goes up and down, making the water splash. He arches his back as Mickey grabs his buns, spreading them as far as possible. “You’re so fucking big,” Ethan groans. “You feel so goddamn good,” Mickey exclaims. Ethan leans down so they can kiss more. Mickey moves to the bathtub’s edge and Ethan, facing the window, sits on Mickey. He goes up and down; Mickey’s johnson stretching Ethan’s insides. Mickey gets an opportunity to take control, thrusting up. He uses a hand for leverage. “Oh fuck, Mickey,” Ethan groans. “That feels so fucking good,” Mickey whispers. He alternates speeds but it doesn’t matter to Ethan. He wants to get rammed. They change positions. Ethan on his hands and knees. Mickey behind him. Where he belongs. Ethan begins to beat his meat (something Mickey approves of). “You feel so fucking good,” Mickey says, drilling to the balls. He grabs Ethan’s hips, making sure each stroke is felt. “Oh, my goodness,” Ethan whimpers. Ethan’s spot is getting thumped. There are only so many strokes he can take. “Keep fucking me,” he groans. All that pounding and jerking makes him shoot man milk in the bathwater and on his hand. “I’m going to come on your pink hole,” Mickey declares, stroking his own rod. “Please, do,” Ethan responds. “Breed me, please.” Mickey’s cum splatters all over Ethan’s lower back and butt cheeks. “Oh, my goodness,” the newbie states. “What a big load.” Mickey puts the rest in Ethan’s ass. As a considerate, and kind, top Mickey laps the juice off Ethan’s back. “Got to clean you up again,” Mickey jokes. “Guess we will,” Ethan answers. The two smooch as the scene closes. “Welcum” to ColbyKnox, Ethan!


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Yikes what a hot scene... it made me cum in my shorts!

Hot handsome 20 year old, 5'9", 125 lbs. full time college student Ethan Adams makes his gay porn debut with Mickey in a bath tub! The college twink sucks Mickey like a Hoover, and then gives up his hot little twink ass to Mickey staying rock hard during his fucking! Plus the kid is so horny replying "Oh please" to Mickey's question "Do you want this cock up your ass?" and must before Mickey shoots his load blurting out "Breed me, please!" Twink Ethan must get lots of contributions to his college fund from dudes eager to receive Ethan's thanks and appreciation! Scenes like this are ColbyKnox at its best!

AEESOME>.love to watch and HEAR MICKEY CUM in a guys ass...tell us when hes cumming then show the cum.....

My best memories of a gay young teen were being in the bathtub. Jerking off and watching the little clouds of cum float around. This video reminded me of those innocent times. Ethan is one hot twink and Mikey is always hot. Loved the man milk in the bathwater. Reminded me of those great days of being a twink and fucking freely.


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