Oliver and Dr.Wolf -BONUS VIDEO-

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Oliver is a new patient, and he’s nervous about exposing every inch of himself to the doctor his friends have suggested. But when Dr. Wolf walks into the room, Oliver is stunned speechless. Dr. Wolf introduces himself, touching Oliver’s knee gently, and an electric tingle passes up his leg and into his groin. Dr. Wolf sees plenty of boys in his office, and he can tell that Oliver is on edge. The boy stays completely silent even as Dr. Wolf guides him gently to various instruments to get the boy’s measurements. The top of the boy’s head doesn’t even reach the doctor’s shoulder. When he places the stethoscope on Oliver’s chest to listen to his breathing, the boy looks up into Dr. Wolf’s eyes with a sense of security he’s never felt before. Dr. Wolf moves the stethoscope to Oliver’s back and the boy can’t help but stare down at the man’s huge hand covering his chest completely. The tingle increases, causing Dr. Wolf to note that Oliver’s heart is beating particularly fast. Dr. Wolf has Oliver disrobe and notices the boy is semi erect. The physical proceeds with Oliver laying on the table. Oliver moans when Dr. Wolf’s fingers move across his nipples. It’s the first noise the boy has made since he entered. Oliver immediately covers his full erection. “I’m sorry. I didn't mean to get hard,” Oliver says, and a moment later, a wandering hand is inspecting the bulge in Dr. Wolf’s pants.  “Is that why you came in?” Dr. Wolf chides gently. Dr. Wolf gets Oliver to his feet and, looking deep into his eyes, kisses the boy. As Oliver’s hands fondle the massive bulge in Dr. Wolf’s pants, he says, “Can I see yours?” Soon, the tightly wrapped pouch of Dr. Wolf’s packed briefs dwarfs Oliver’s little hands. He can barely hold it to all to squeeze it with both hands, and he pulls the older man’s cock out to stroke it. It’s almost the size of my forearm, little Oliver thinks in amazement. Cradling Oliver’s entire body in one strong arm, Dr. Wolf lays the boy on the table carefully. “Are you ready for it?” he asks. “Please.” Oliver says, and Dr. Wolf sinks slowly into his tight little boy hole, inch after thick, rigid inch. “I like seeing it sink into your tight pink hole,” Dr. Wolf says as he leans down to kiss the boy. It doesn’t take long before the boy is whining softly, “I’m gonna cum,” before letting a huge load of cum out over his belly and Dr. Wolf’s hand. The doctor groans loudly as he lets his own load loose deep inside Oliver’s hole.


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This was the first time I saw a full scene from this niche gay porn site, and I must admit that this scene was a good one. Little Oliver took it up his hot little ass like a champ! His attending physician was very well endowed!