Mickey Knox Dicks Down Dillon Faze -BAREBACK-

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While ColbyKnox has released two of Dillon Faze’s videos this week’s update is the very first he filmed for us. The British export sits on the studio’s sofa, next to Mickey Knox. Dillon is in sweatpants; Mickey in underwear. Their session begins with tender kissing. “Love that,” Mickey says, shaking Dillon’s hard dick. Mickey licks the British boy’s nipples. “We’re going to have so much fun,” Mickey notes. Dillon shakes his head in agreement. He jumps on his knees, facing the window. Mickey, naturally, is entranced by his guest’s backside. :-) “It’s like unwrapping a Christmas present,” he exclaims, pulling down the sweatpants. “Surprise,” Dillon replies. Mickey immediately dives between Dillon’s puffy butt cheeks. After helping Dillon remove his pants, Mickey returns to licking and munching. While captivated by Dillon’s booty, Mickey doesn’t neglect his tool. His tongue licks the tip, balls, and shaft, moving up to the cake. As he makes a meal out of the backside, Mickey beats his johnson (which is ready for some entertainment). “Such a plump, beautiful ass,” Mickey whispers. Dillon reaches back and jiggles one of his cheeks. “You want some dick,” Mickey asks. “Yes,” Dillon groans. Mickey stands up, placing the tip of his bare cock at the opening. He slowly fills Dillon up. Mickey pulls out and dives back in. When he bites on Dillon’s ear, Mickey’s strokes turn more insistent. Dillon holds the sofa, letting Mickey pound as hard as he wants. “Oh, fuck,” Dillon whimpers. Mickey returns to eating Dillon out. He pushes back against Mickey’s tongue. “Fuck, yes,” Dillon groans. He gets on his back, placing his feet behind his ears. Mickey gobbles on Dillon’s rod. But that azz! :-) Mickey just can’t help himself. He returns to lustily eating. Dillon’s beautiful eyes roll back. He stares at Mickey as his hole and dick are serviced. “You’re so fucking beautiful,” Mickey notes. “I want to fuck you some more.” “Fuck, yes,” Dillon murmurs. He bites his lip as Mickey deep dicks. Reaching down, Mickey strokes Dillon’s tool. To make Dillon shake even more, Mickey alternates from eating ass, fucking ass, and blowing dick. When Mickey returns to fucking, he grinds against Dillon’s cheeks. “Fucking tremble on that cock,” Mickey says. The boys change positions. Mickey on his back; Dillon riding. “That’s right,” Mickey whispers when Dillon’s backside touches his balls. Dillon goes up and down. Mickey retakes control by seizing both of Dillon’s cheeks. “Right up your butt,” Mickey whispers. All that pounding pushes Dillon over the edge. As he rides and strokes his meat, he shoots a creamy load on Mickey’s chest. Dillon agrees to Mickey fucking him some more. He returns to his back. Legs pulled to his chest as Mickey dines some more. “I love staring into your eyes as I eat your hole,” Mickey explains. Once he re-enters, Mickey fucks to the balls. However, his tongue can’t get enough of Dillon’s hole. It’s hard to tell who moans more: Mickey licking that booty or Dillon getting his booty licked. As he works on Dillon’s hole, Mickey beats his meat. He stands up and shoots a load; the cum splatters Dillon’s face. The remaining man milk leaves a trail on his chest and stomach. Dillon takes some of the juice on a finger and licks it. “That’s fucking hot,” Mickey says, leaning in for a sloppy kiss. Stay seated because the boys clean up and Mickey interviews Dillon. We find out ColbyKnox is his first studio work after starting on OnlyFans. He confesses he’s no fan of bosses telling him what to do. However, if a sexual partner is bossy then it’s nothing but good times. :-) Mickey proudly admits to the same trait. The southern United Kingdom hottie has been in the States since May. And before you ask: he does not wear contacts. Those alluring eyes are natural. :-)


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Hot one on one scene of Mickey fucking hot 20 year old Dillon from the southern part of England. From the interviewm, it would appear that this scene was filmed after the video of Colby topping Dillon, but before the four way marking the end of Pride Month. Very interesting interview of Dillon by Mickey with Mickey unable to resist pointing out that he got to know Dillon closer than we viewers did, and this video proves it!


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