Kane Fox Stretches Out Hazel Hoffman -BAREBACK-



Kissing and jerking a stud’s dick. The best way to start a ColbyKnox video! In this week’s update Kane Fox and Hazel Hoffman are on the studio’s bed, pleasuring each other. Kane licks Hazel’s neck. “I want to taste some of that,” Kane whispers. Hazel grins. He positions himself on his stomach with that perfectly round ass up in the air. First, Kane spits on Hazel’s hog. Then he dives for the hunk's tight hole. “Oh, fuck,” Hazel groans. “Your tongue feels so fucking nice.” Kane spreads the perky cheeks, leaving a gob of spit between them. “You have such a perfect hole,” he exclaims. As he receives a flawless rim job Hazel reaches back, jiggling his cheeky cheeks. This gives Kane an opportunity to lick Hazel’s staff. “I want to get inside you so bad,” Kane declares, taking a break from making Hazel’s hole into a meal. “Are you ready for it,” Kane wonders. Hazel nods. “Oh, I’m ready for it,” he says. Kane strokes his bare tool. He carefully fills the stud's hole up with hard dick. Once in, he leans down to kiss Hazel. Kane then pulls away to give his full attention to the pounding. “You feel so fucking good,” Hazel cries out. Kane picks up the pace, smacking his scene partner’s booty. He puts one hand in the small of Hazel’s back. The other on Hazel’s neck. Kane pins him down, driving his cock as far as possible. The boys reposition so Hazel can get on his hands and knees. Kane grabs the bottom stud's hips and the furious pounding continues. Hazel gets a chance to push his backside back on Kane. “There you go, baby,” he encourages. “I want you to flip over.” Kane pulls out and Hazel turns on his back; Kane sucks Hazel’s rod. Right to the base. However, Hazel needs that meat back inside of him. He pulls his knees up to his chiseled chest. “Your hole looks so pretty,” Kane notes. “Give me that cock,” Hazel pleads. Kane does, stroking Hazel’s staff at the same time. “Fuck,” Hazel murmurs. “You feel so fucking good.” This makes Kane pound to the balls. The tips of Hazel’s toes start to curl because his “special spot” is getting hit like a drum. “Will you be my good boy,” Kane wonders. Hazel’s sexy smile is the best answer. “Anything you want,” he adds. “Will you ride on top of me,” Kane asks. That suggestion gets the “Hazel stamp of approval.” :-) Kane lays supine on the bed as Hazel straddles him. He slowly grinds his butt on Kane’s shaft. He reaches around, grabbing the ass flesh. Hazel jerks his tool as he rides. His cock is sandwiched between his stomach and Kane’s. That friction pushes him over the edge; he nuts a juicy load, splattering the space between Kane’s tiddies. Both taste the nectar. Hazel gets back on his stomach. Kane admires Hazel’s backside for a while. Can you blame him? :-) He then mounts, clapping those stunning cheeks. Like Hazel, there’s only so much rubbing Kane can take. He pulls out, leaving a creamy load of man milk on Hazel’s cake. A stream of the goo covers Hazel’s hole. “You made me cum so much,” Kane notes. He leans in and the exhausted studs kiss.



Kane tops again, this time 22 year old Hazel Hoffman! Hazel reminds me of also 22 year old Jack Valor in that both had shoulder length hair in their first year of gay porn, and both mainly bottom. Hazel bottomed well for Kane in this hot scene, and Hazel even used his finger to push Kane' cum up his own ass! Very hot!

Wonderful scene. Hazel Hoffman is my latest obcession and proud of it. Him matched with Kane Fox is a winning combination. I love the authenticity that is conveyed between the two, NOT the forced mandatory positions of some studios. Keep up the great work.

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Pure Magic!! one of the HAWTESTS unions of masculine passion.


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