Hard Winds

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In this bonus release from ColbyKnox, we find Mickey Knox sitting outside enjoying the sun. The weather hasn’t been great over the last week with lots of wind and rain but Mickey is determined to make the best out of the day. The wind must still be blowing just right as Mickey has quickly popped a rock hard boner and starts stroking his cock. He has moved a patio chair in the middle of the open yard and with nothing but nature and a raging boner, he has a great plan to pleasure himself to climax. Mickey sits down with his rock hard cock bulging against his pants and pulls his sweat pants down before sitting into the chair. With some hot porn motivation he has his pant pulled down around his ankles and is long stroking his thick shafted cock. Mickey has a firm grip on his hard cock, working it up and down the shaft. There must be some good porn playing on his phone because he seems lost in a trance focusing on the pleasure he’s creating stroking his own cock. Could it be one of those steamy scenes with the love of his life, or maybe a scene from one of the sexy studs that have visited the ColbyKnox bedroom? Needless to say, there’s enough motivation to keep him rock hard and pumping his rock hard seven inch cock. Mickey is showing especially good form in this hot gay porn video making sure to rub the entire length of shaft only pausing to give special attention to the head of his penis. With a hard stroking, steady rhythmic motion, Mickey is focused on working his cock and working it to the point where he is able to milk a rewarding orgasmic load. Mickey’s hard cock has him moaning with pleasure as he shoots a huge load of cum all over his hot chest.



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