Happy Ending with Vincent O'Reilly -BAREBACK-

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After a nice, long workout there is nothing better than a good rubdown. Mickey Knox has been hitting the gym extra hard this week and needs someone to relieve his tension. He calls his good friend Vincent O'Reilly to help him out. Vincent has been perfecting the art of the rubdown for years, and is confident he can get Mickey back in the gym. Vincent starts by rubbing Mickey's back and shoulders. Mickey then flips over so Vincent can rub his chest. Mickey's cock is bursting through his thin undies. Vincent tries not to take it there but can't help himself. He pulls Mickey's underwear down and is pleased when Mickey's fat cock flops out. Vincent knows it's time to strike fast. Mickey is horny and ready to explode, so Vincent starts to suck that cock. After a few minutes, Mickey is hungry for more. He wants to eat Vincent's hole then slam his cock inside of it. He wants to fill Vincent with a three-day load. Like two animals in the wild, they go at it. Mickey even picks Vincent up, as he's fucking him, to change positions. He throws Vincent down on the couch, pounding away at his beautiful ass. Eventually the studs explode all over the place. The two models are crazy for each other and their chemistry is on point. If you only have time to watch one scene, I highly recommend this be the one!


Massage Envy!

An all time fantasy of mine come out to play! Mickey and Vincent were so hot, so intense it was incredible!The touches, kisses, were intense! I think Vincent needs to come back and give Mickey AND Colby a few more massages!

Masseur Gets Fucked

Vincent an actual student of massage therapy, gives Mickey a massage, providing this scene a realistic touch. As with many male on male gay porn scenes over the years, massage can easily evolve into foreplay for great gay sex, which is exactly how this hot scene plays out. Well done boys!