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Pierre Fitch is a big fan of of tight, muscled studs with cute bubble butts. Of course, it never hurts to have a great personality. Pierre also enjoys being a DJ and immersing himself in the late-night party scene. He can often be found working out while following a healthy fitness and nutrition regime.

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As an international veteran gay porn star from Ontario, Canada, Pierre Fitch has been in the gay porn industry for 18+ years. He's created a solid reputation of mastering the art of both cock sucking and asshole ramming. The bottom line: he's definitely a forced to be reckoned with, no matter what side of the camera he's on. Pierre is equal parts dreamy go-go-dancer, boy toy as well as a savvy salesman for his special blend of gay porn films. Between his cute smile, ripped pecs and abs, tight ass, and impressive cock, Pierre Fitch has been known to raise the cocks of straight, gay, and bi dudes all across Ontario. Combine his hobbies and interests with a healthy desire for the taste of a big, throbbing cock, he always enjoys getting his hole split apart. There's no wonder why Pierre Fitch his nicknamed as the best Gay DJ Porn Star across all of North America. Between his looks, intelligent mind, ever-throbbing cock, and physically fit bod, it's no wonder why Pierre Fitch has been added to the great Gay Porn Star Hall of Fame.
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