Pierce Paris

Pierce Paris

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Age: 34

Height: 6'02" 

Weight: 190 lbs 
Pierce Paris is incredibly diverse in and out of the bedroom. He loves anal in all its forms and glory, a seasoned pro at both topping and bottoming. Also loves to rim and is quite talented with that sexy mouth of his when it comes to sucking dick. Pierce also enjoys his very unique talent of being able to stuff his own balls in his ass while he is being fucked. Out of the bedroom Pierce loves to travel, snowboard and goto the gym, which fits in quite well with working in the adult industry. He is also a gamer and a bit of a nerd which is always well received here with us at ColbyKnox.



Pierce Paris is one of the more interesting people you could ever hope to meet. He is from Montana and started out firefighting for one of his first jobs. He has traveled the world and is incredibly comfortable in his own skin. As we mentioned above he is a hyper sexual individual and keeps a very care free and fun attitude when it comes to his work in the industry. He loves going to the gym and maintaining the healthy lifestyle that is required to keep his beautiful buff body and sexy good looks. Pierce would describe himself as a very loyal person who values character and integrity.

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