Oliver Saxon

Oliver Saxon

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Age: 19

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 141lbs




Fencing (and Fucking while Fencing), good music and a good time. Love to go to the club and shake my ass, I hear I'm pretty good at it. Sexually, I love me some daddies. Love a big strong man with a nice big dick to bend me over and show me how its done.


Oliver is a vibrant sexy college student of 19. He has many passions, chief among them are fencing, working out, and the boy is one hell of a cook. He is a sweetheart through and through and is the type that can force you to crack a smile, even on a bad day.

Olivers sex drive seems to be insatiable, which has earned him the nickname Devil Twink. Between Olivers big dick, plump ass, and "Come Fuck me Right Now" sex drive, we think he'll fit in quite well here at Colby Knox.






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