Nathaniel Stone

Nathaniel Stone

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Age: 25
Height: 5'11" 
Weight: 155 lbs 



Nathaniel is another sexy North Carolina boy who has always lived with one foot still on the farm. He is an aspiring writer and other than adult entertainment he also enjoys- Swimming, Dance, Yoga, Hiking, and Community Activism.


Nathaniel Stone is 25 years old and very noticeably wise beyond his years. He is very easy to talk to and be comfortable with right off the bat. Nathaniel has many hobbies and interests outside of the bedroom and is also very comfortable as an exhibitionist. He does go go dancing and performing at many different bars and clubs throughout the country and has a great time doing it.

Nathaniels nice thick cock and his plump hairy ass had all of us here drooling from the get go. The 25 year old North Carolina boy can take one hell of a pounding to boot.




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