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Grayson Lange is a force to be reckoned with. A big fan of movies, books, and video games, Grayson enjoys playing around with his boys. And while we're talking about boys, he's a big fan of not only sucking cock, but he loves taking cock, too. Outside of all things involving dick, you can often find Grayson clubbing or doing some sort of fun outside activity...naked, of course!

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Grayson is from Texas and he's proud of it, too! You know what they say about things in Texas? That's right, everything is bigger and when it comes to Grayson, there's no exception. ;) He likes to go hunting and spend time outdoors in general. He is more comfortable out of clothes than in them and is pretty much horny 24 hours a day. Though Grayson does have a powerful craving for big dicks in his cute bubble butt, he gives as good as he gets packing a thick 7 inch cock with a slight curve in just the right place. If you know what I mean. It's safe to assume you will enjoy Grayson Lange just as much as we did. And if you ever see him outside of gay porn, you'd better say hello!
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