Dillon Anderson

Dillon Anderson

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Height: 5'5'

Weight: 130

Age: 25



Dillon Anderson is an avid musician who's always up for a new adventure! He likes hiking, camping, and spending nights in abandon houses. Being in the porn industry is great because it gives him the opportunity to meet new people and travel all over. When he's not traveling he's down to hang out and watch movies or tv - he's a Broad City enthusiast.

But don't count Dillon in if you're craving spicy food. He's not a fan spicy food or New Yorkers.



An ex-marine turned porn star, Dillon Anderson is taking the adult film industry by storm. He's a top/vers who loves rimming and slamming his dick into a nice bubble butt. He's got just a few tattoos, maybe you can spot them? The big one on his back took 5 and a half hours!

Dillon prefers to top but when he isn't putting his thick, 7 1/2 cock to good use, he's a power bottom. Even though his marine days are behind him, he'll still down the uniform to get Colby Chambers to Drop and Follow Orders to Take his Ass.

The tattooed vers has the distinct honor of being part of the First Webcam Show added to colbyknox.com. Take a look and find out why Dillon Anderson is sexy, big-dicked stud that hasn't had any complaints so far ;)



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