Brenner Bolton

Brenner Bolton

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Height: 6'

Weight: 180

Age: 29



Brenner likes the simple things in life, cum uncut cocks, big dicks, and muscular dudes. Sorry fem guys with small cocks need not apply, Brenner needs a manly man and a big dick.



From Pittsburgh, PA Brenner Bolton is a big man that's funny, outgoing, and always up for new things. He Loves to Suck Cock and get Fucked. He'll top from time to time and his big dick can make anyone scream but he believes in letting bottoms be bottoms.

When bottoming Brenner likes to be manhandled with a strong man sinking his dick into his tight ass. With an ass that's been described as "so god damn tight," he doesn't have to work too hard to drive a top completely wild.




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