Brandon Haze

Brandon Haze

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Height: 5'11"

Weight: 140

Age: 24



Brandon likes the simple things in life - watching horror movies, hanging out at the beach, and looooooong... nights out :D. He keeps his gorgeous body in shape with clean living and eating and saying no to fast food.



Brandon Haze is another corn-fed North Carolina boy from the crystal coast. A self-described beach bum, Brandon's always up for a good time! This stud is a lot of fun to play with and is down to join a couple of guys in bed. Fun fact, he was part of Colby Knox's first 4-way!

While he may prefer to top, Brandon can top or bottom with ease. With a thick hung cock, his power fucking can leave any man wrung out. Sometimes Brendon will bend over and Offer up his Sweet Ass instead. But no matter what you know it's gonna be a good night when he comes around.



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