Trevor Kingsly

Trevor Kingsly

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Height: 6'4"

Weight: 200

Age: 26



The list of things that Trevor truly loves isn't super long. He likes dicks, ass, and SCIENCE!!!!

There's never been a doubt that Trevor digs the fellas. Nothing against his female fans but, vaginas are on his list of dislikes, he just doesn't like 'em.


Trevor Kinglsy is a recent college grad that's living the naturalist lifestyle. The hairy stud has been a vegan for years and does what he can to keep from negatively impacting the planet.

Trevor can definitely stand the heat! When visiting the Colby Knox manor, he spent some time floating naked in the pool. It doesn't take much for him to convince Brenner Bolton to join him in the pool, bend over, and offer his tight ass for a Wet and Wild Fuck.



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