Malachai Luciano

Malachai Luciano

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 Height: 5' 8''

Weight: 125

Age: 26



Malachai loves to go to the club and shake his ass. Music that he can't dance to? Nah, not for him. He's all about having fun and living life to the fullest, always eager to explore the world around him. Malachai believes in being himself and that when there's good music playing - you dance!


Malachai is a sexy Italian stud who's always up for a Good Time. The same drive that pushes him to enjoy all life has to offer also makes him an eager and enthusiastic bottom. Whether he's skillfully riding a dick or taking a rough pounding from behind, Malachai Luciano is definitely not shy! He loves being the center of attention, enjoying being fucked at either end by Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox.




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