Jonny Drake

Jonny Drake

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Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170
Age: 24



Jonny Drake is your average red-blooded American. He loves guns, mudding, running and swimming. A country boy at heart, he hates the indoors and is game for almost any activity as it's outside. He dislikes shoes and would go barefoot and shirtless everywhere if they'd let him - and we think they should. The list of things that Trevor truly loves isn't super long. He likes dicks, ass, and SCIENCE!!!!



You know that hot straight guy in everyone's life? You know the one, fleeting glances, curious comments, can't hang on to a girlfriend for very long. Yep, that's Jonny Drake. It turns out the second time's the charm with Jonny. When asked the first time around if he'd be interested in filming a scene, he turned Colby Knox down. He thought his girlfriend might not be pleased. Just a year later he took the boys up on the offer and he was he worth the wait! Check out his hot scene with Colby Chambers - his very first time being fucked by a man.

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