Trent Lawless

Trent Lawless

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Height: 5'10"

Weight: 130

Age: 25



Trent is a fun loving guy with a passion for beautiful and exotic things and places. When he's not working on his photography or playing video games, he's off looking for his next adventure!

Trent may have an appetite for life but he doesn't like sweet food, cold weather, or pessimistic people.

Trent Lawless is a graphic design student. Traveling and exploring the world is how he finds inspiration for his art. He might not be much of a talker, but he still likes to spend time with his friends.

Trent take's life as it comes and encourages everyone not to be so serious all the time. He was definitely living his best life when he visited the Colby Knox manor, where after a long day of soccer practice, he strips for Colby Chambers and convinces him to Sink his Dick into his Tight Ass.



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