Payne Alexander

Payne Alexander

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Age: 23

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 145lbs




Sexually very versatile. I'm one to tie you up and bring you to the brink of pain and pleasure, while being just as likely to offer up my ass and beg for punishment. I also enjoy nature, and having sex in xxx gay porn, of course. ;)


Payne Alexander is one of the most unique and well cultured individuals you could ever meet. He grew up half in the States half in Sweden, speaks four languages and literally weaves the Shibari rope that he will expertly tie you up with. You can watch him in actions during one of our favorite videos, Bond Me, Bend Me, Break Me. He has an old soul, and..... a HUGE dick.

Did we mention he's also every doms dream, a perfectly willing sub boy if thats what his lover desires? Payne Alexander is the definition of versatile.





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