Jason Shepard

Jason Shepard

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Age: 22

Height: 6'0" 

Weight: 127 lbs 


Jason Shepard is very well rounded in his interests from board and role-playing games like D&D, to a whole slew of outdoor fun like tennis, hiking, swimming and grilling "meaty treats" on a nice Sunny day. He also loves to indulge in night and festival life- dancing, partying and meeting like minded people.



"Hungry and ambitious boy, who enjoys exploring the world and connecting with good people. A Raver, and enthusiastic music lover- Catch me at EDM festivals!!! I'm a total party animal at pride, good vibes everywhere I go!!! I enjoy being versatile, giving me the best sexual experiences and opportunities to try unique things. Pup- play is one of my biggest kinks, the role play and cute animal noises really get me going. Rope, leather and restraint also excite and arouse me;)"

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