Jack Valor

Jack Valor

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Age: 21

Height: 5'9" 

Weight: 135 lbs 


Jack loves working out, indoors is okay but he really loves getting a workout in outdoors. He's especially particular to going for a swim or hiking in the woods. His favorite musical artist is Nicki Minaj. Sexually, Jack is totally versatile. He loves to top and bottom and is well equipped for both, just depends on the mood he's in. 



Jack is 21 years old and is very social, loves meeting and talking to new people and experiencing new things as often as possible. He also loves to travel and looks forward to adventuring more and seeing some of the world. Jack is new to the adult entertainment scene and along with this debut scene, has also done a couple of live shows with the boys and some of their sexy guests. Jack prides himself on being self-sufficient, he works a 9-5 and is used to taking care of himself and being able to be there for friends. He's also packing in both the front and the back, Jack boasts a beautiful big cock and a toned plump little ass!!! We look forward to seeing more of both from this sexy shaggy haired newcomer.

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