Sammy  Sparx

Sammy Sparx

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Height: 6'2

Weight: 145lbs

Age: 22


A well-mannered twink from the South, Sammy Sparx enjoys more than just sexy toned guys. He gets into passionate kissing, lip biting, grinding, dick sucking, anal, and kinky back scratching.

Sammy will surprise you with sparks in the bedroom and certainly knows how to take a little rough love from time to time. You can see for yourself in his Very Thorough and Hands-on Interview for a live-in slave position at Colby Knox studios. Outside of his sex drive, Sammy Sparx also enjoys trivia, video games, vodka, and a good book.

Sammy Sparx is shy when you first meet him but, once you get to know him, he's an open book. This college stud with an eight-inch is always open to trying new things (whether that's inside the bedroom or out in public) and certainly knows how to hold down a good conversation.

As the charming Southern boy he is, Sammy is very polite and can make even the most stoic of men blush and start laughing.



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